– Digitally “ON” Always…

A Kart itself shows a movement.

Yes, TVMKart represents a movement itself or a journey to the minds of the people of Trivandrum. Since 2020, this Kart is keeping its pace with its vivacious customers who are satisfied with the service they are getting from us.

We started this online journey @ the time of the severe pandemic started and we understood the need of consumers who cannot go out of their houses to shop to get their daily stuff.

TVMKart mainly focussed on our younger generation who lost their academic environment in schools, due to the pandemic, Therefore we concentrated mainly on the online shopping for creative products for kids. From the market, we got a tremendous pulse of kids who really enjoyed using our products which shows our effort was successful.

Currently, TVMKart allows its consumers to buy all the above products through a web browser and can get the items at their doorstep on the same day itself.

TVMKart offers a variety of products with attractive packing and quality with better pricing than any other online sites offer, which in turn creates more customers for our family. As part of our corporate social responsibility we have conducted several competitions for our young customers whose happiness and their word of mouth are mainly our backbone.

The most important thing, what we attained during the last years is mainly the customer satisfaction and the smile they are giving back to our delivery team.

We are always thankful to our loyal customers and we confirm that we will keep up our good work to get that smile from your facing in future too…